finally i learned...

It's not a dishonor breaking down by trying to stay, keep.
When you was convinced it's the right way.

but it is a dangerous fairy tale not to go
if you again and again have to doubt if you be able to belong any more...

... not only for yourself.


I miss U all...

every day.

Sometimes in each move i make... i have pains.
and i wish to die,
to have a chance to be bye you again and my work i loved like it seems im my memory in this moment...

But i know...

only now i can be and become myself

and find remaining parts...

without pain every time... without doubt every time...

without fear... to loose every day someting more i love... without being able to change it.

 Sometimes i hate me, for missing some of you...

Mostly it's all so awesome normal.

Here are so much things an people i love and i may love! <3 

i can trust...

they belive me...

they understand me... 

and i understand them... 


15.12.13 13:05


our weird society

"Wenn wir aufhören würden uns ständig auf die Dinge zu konzentrieren die uns voneinander trennen und endlich anfangen würden und auf das zu konzentrieren was wir voneinander lernen können, würden wir bald aufhören uns gegenseitig umzubringen."


Dr. Donald Mallard - (David McCallum - Navy CIS)




26.12.13 21:40

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